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Factory Dismantling

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When you put the whole picture together, recycling is the right thing to do.


OPIS provides lifting equipment, collection bins and metal debris removal. OPIS can remove and recycle decommissioned metal equipment and infrastructure.


Scrap metal activities at OPIS cover a broad range of products such as:

  • Ferrous Scrap;
  • Non-ferrous Scrap;
  • Scrap Alternatives;
  • Iron Rods;
  • Obsolete Vehicles Parts.

A competitive edge through cooperation–that’s what drives our scrap management consulting practice. We develop and manage custom-designed solutions related to scrap handling and disposal activities for scrap generators and consumers.

With the global e-waste problem growing right before our eyes, it is now more important than ever for your business to use a fully certified recycler to manage your outdated electronics. You can put our power, stability, and expertise to work for your e-recycling today.

We utilize efficient logistics and processing techniques to maximize recovery rates. We offer full logistics support including processing and resizing metal structures at your job site to facilitate metal removal and recycling. Convenient drop off and pick up.

Our transportation-services group coordinates all of the company’s freight and logistics—by truck, or river barge—offering superior service to our customers and suppliers. Our logistics team has the industry experience and the resources to develop strategies to move scrap metals anywhere in our immediate covered regions.


OPIS is your source for value-added services that can simplify your operations and maximize the value of your scrap metals.

Supplementing our company-operated scrap collection sites, we also acquire metals from industrial scrap generators with which we have established strategic partnerships. We have designed and installed customized metals-recycling programs, some of which we manage and operate, for manufacturing companies nationwide.

Metal scrap collection and removal from demolition sites. Bins provided.